Tuesday, September 06, 2011

BSG and Mayfield Media partner to focus on acquisition opportunities in Asia

BSG is pleased to announce our new partnership with Mayfield Media Strategies. We will be working with Steve Monnington and Anna John to advise independent exhibition organisers in Asia who are interested in selling their businesses. Steve and Anna have a truly impressive track record in M&A advisory and we look forward to bringing that expertise to Asia.

Here is a list of some of the recent transactions in which Mayfield Media has played a role.

The full press release is below.

Press Release September 6th 2011

Mayfield Media Strategies and Business Strategies Group join forces to unlock acquisition opportunities in Asia.

Mayfield Media Strategies and Business Strategies Group have formed a partnership to help exhibition organisers in Asia market themselves for sale to international purchasers.

Mayfield Media are the leading specialist acquisition brokers for the exhibition industry. Over the past 15 years, they have helped many independent organisers sell their businesses or set up joint ventures with international partners. Mayfield Media have facilitated transactions all round the globe including in the UK, Mainland Europe, Australia and the Middle East and are increasingly working with entrepreneurs in emerging markets such as Turkey where they have completed five transactions in the last couple of years.

Business Strategies Group (BSG) is the only market intelligence and strategy-consulting firm in Asia focused on business media, information and events. Based in Hong Kong and founded in 2000, its services include research, market intelligence, mergers and acquisition support and strategy development. BSG publishes regular reports on all aspects of B2B media in Asia.

Steve Monnington, Managing Director of Mayfield Media commented ‘We have been planning to establish our business in Asia for some time and we are delighted to be working with Mark and the team at BSG. The exhibition business has always crossed borders, but in recent years we have seen a dramatic increase the in the number of international acquisitions. Selling your company to a foreign buyer can be a daunting task, especially if the relationship will be ongoing. Our experience helps vendors maximize the price and to work out the right deal-structure to ensure future success. Combined with Mark’s extensive knowledge of the Asian exhibition market we are confident of delivering results.’

Mark Cochrane, Managing Director of BSG commented, ‘We are extremely pleased to partner with Mayfield Media. They have unmatched experience as an acquisition broker for the exhibition industry – particularly in emerging markets. The exhibition industry in Asia is the fastest growing and most dynamic worldwide. The combination of BSG’s Asian market knowledge and Mayfield Media’s transaction expertise will allow us to offer a great deal of value to independent exhibition organisers looking to sell their businesses.’

The partnership will deliver turn-key services for exhibition organisers in Asia looking to sell all or part of their companies – this will include a valuation, analysis of potential purchasers, preparation of an information memorandum, price negotiation and overseeing the legal and due-diligence process.

For further information:

Mayfield Media

Contact: Anna John +44 208 992 3329



Business Strategies Group

Contact: Mark Cochrane +852-2525-6103




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