Friday, October 13, 2006

New BSG Subscription Service

The following announcement appears today in our weekly newsletter:

Hong Kong, October 10:
Business Strategies Group (BSG) has announced the launch of a new and unique subscription service. The Asian Business Media Tracker will provide subscribers with privileged access to unique data on the B2B media and events business across Asia.

The service has been designed for senior executives at B2B publishers, business information providers, exhibition organizers and venue operators, venture capital and private equity groups, industry associations, trade promotion bodies and other governmental organizations.

The new service offers nine different and comprehensive reports to subscribers. They are:

1. Enhanced weekly newsletter

2. Industry reports (monthly)

3. Profile of B2B media companies in Asia

4. Listed B2B media in Asia financial tracking

5. Key exhibition venues in Asia

6. Directory of the top 25 exhibition organisers in Asia

7. List of the top 100 trade fairs in Asia

8. B2B online media report

9. B2B publishing report

Please contact Jess Wong ( for more information on subscription packages.

Update: You can find more detailed information and subscription forms on the BSG web site now at this page.