Monday, May 05, 2008

BSG quoted in reports on Alibaba, Microsoft & Yahoo!

We may be somewhat inaccurately described as an IT consulting firm here (we focus on business media, information and events), but thanks anyway to the XFN for including our comments in this piece on the impact of Microsoft's break-up with Yahoo! on Alibaba:

"I believe the slump in its share price today has more to do with worries about its first-quarter earnings more than Microsoft's decision to drop its takeover bid for Yahoo," said Paul Woodward, principal at information technology consulting firm Business Strategies Group.

"I doubt if there is any direct link between its share price and the proposed Microsoft deal," he said.

"'s earnings depend to a large extent on world trade and with the slowing of the global economy it's understandable for investors to worry about its earnings," he said.