Thursday, June 26, 2008

UFI/BSG report records 18% growth in Asian exhibitions


Trade fair market in Asia grows by 18% in 2007 according to UFI market report

Paris/Hong Kong, June 24, 2008: The trade fair industry in Asia expanded strongly again in 2007.Net area sold by organisers in Asia grew by nearly 18% reaching a total of 13.2 million m2 according to the fourth edition of UFI’s annual report on the trade fair market in Asia. The research and analysis was once again undertaken for UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, by Business Strategies Group (BSG) in Hong Kong.

The report shows that China remains the largest trade fair market by a substantial margin. Year-onyear, net square metres sold in China grew by 21% outperforming the regional average of 14%. India was, however, Asia’s fastest –growing market in 2007, up 50% followed by South Korea which grew by 32%. Over 6.7 million m2 were sold in China in 2007 – accounting for 51% of the total across Asia. The second largest market, Japan, grew by just 1% last year with sales of 2.2 million m2. Revenues from trade fairs in Asia increased from US$2.57 billion in 2006 to US$3.25 billion in 2007 – an increase of 26.5%. China continued to extend its lead over other markets in 2007. Last year, trade fair revenues in China were nearly US$1.12 billion. This is a massive increase of 47% over the US$760 million recorded in 2006.

This annual industry report provides detailed information on the development of trade fairs and supporting facilities in 15 markets: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The report also includes analysis on actual market performance in 2007 as well as forecasts and commentary on key trends in each market.

Vincent GĂ©rard, UFI Managing Director, commented, “The publication of the fourth edition of this report is an important contribution to UFI’s global research efforts. It shows that Asia remains one of the most dynamic areas for growth in our industry. It is exciting to see the predicted takeoff in India becoming a reality along with the many other exciting markets in the region”. As an added-value service, each UFI member will be entitled to receive a six page executive summary of the research and to purchase the full report at a substantial discount.

The report has again been edited by UFI Asia/Pacific Regional Manager and BSG Principal, Paul Woodward. He commented, “In the last five years, we have seen the trade fair industry undergo a remarkable transformation. In 2003, the region recorded space sales of 5.7 million m2 at 101 venues. Last year, the number of venues had surged by more than 50% to 156 venues and sales had more than doubled to 13.2 million m2.”

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Featured in TradeShow Week Power Pack

BSG founder Paul Woodward is featured in TradeShow Week's Power Pack 100 listing of the "most influential people in the exhibition business". Very kind, thank you guys. They say:

From his perch in Hong Kong, for years Woodward has had his hand on the pulse of the Asian tradeshow industry, churning out detailed reports on all aspects of the continent's business. He seems to know as much about what's going on in the relatively low-profile countries of southeast Asia as he does about the enormous industry in China. Woodward also runs UFI's Asia/Pacific office...
They go on to credit me with writing UFI's new global venues report. That was actually produced by Christian Druart in UFI's head office with Asia input from BSG.

Monday, June 02, 2008

In Thailand

I was invited to Bangkok last week to join in a press conference organised by my friends at the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau. They were announcing a new initiative to support exhibitions in Thailand which included the launch of an Approved Event by TCEB scheme. Drawing on UFI's international standards, this will require data to be audited and international participation levels.

It's a good initiative which can help cement Thailand's strong position. According to our data, it is already the leading host of trade fairs in south-east Asia. I'm a big fan of promoting higher professional standards in the events industry.

Here I am with TCEB Exhibitions Director Supawan Teerarat and CMP Thailand's Nucharin Paradeevisut. You can read more of the news here but your Thai will have to be pretty good!